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Tips to Lay Amazing Wooden Fence Panels for Your Garden

Fence panels are great, aren’t they? They offer both security and style at the same time. Though metal fencing is focused on tightening the security, wooden ones are mostly about making it pleasing to the eyes by making it look vintage.

Most people prefer wooden fencing panels to go with their decking and patios (all wooden) as they add uniformity to the entire garden without compromising on the aesthetics. However, the choice of timber is something that you must think over and make a decision that only serves the purpose for the fencing but also enhance the kerb appeal of your property.

To make the selection process easier for you, here is something for your reference – Cedar wood is the most ideal choice for fence panels but Pine is often the more affordable.

Having said that, here are the 8 best garden fencing tips for your consideration:

  • Metal support for your fencing posts can often be weaker. You can choose concrete instead.
  • To have the correct spacing of your fencing, use panels and posts alternatively one after the other.
  • For the panel posts to be durable, ensure that at least a quarter of the total height of the post is under the ground.
  • Use pressure-treated gravel boards to prolong the life of the panels.
  • Fencing a slope is tricky, especially maintaining the height. Have it cross-checked post the laying.
  • Leave small holes under the panel for the hedgehogs to move from one garden to the other.
  • Cap the timber post panels to protect them from rain.
  • Use thick panels to increase the strength of the fence.

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